Icy Joe Pages 10 and 11

Hello and welcome back.

In complete contrast to last week, this week seems to have lasted for three. I'm not sure what's caused this, but I'm circulating a rumour that it's because I've been working too hard. Sticking to that as the official line should serve to underline my standing as an *ahem* industrious and conscientious individual with a strong streak of self-discipline. Also, it will help me to avoid mentioning that I've been sleeping until noon every day.

But you don't want to hear any of this. You just want me to get to the good bits (the pictures). Not long now, I promise. I just wanted to point out how much I liked the idea behind the colour schemes of these pages and the one immediately prior to them. Isaac's breathing problem goes from red to amber to green over these pages, for obvious reasons. I remember wondering how I came up with such a sophisticated (for me) idea. In the heat of making the pages it just seemed to occur to me to do it that way. It was as if someone was whispering in my ear and telling me exactly what to do. It's when ideas like that happen that I most enjoy making things.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are the pages. Enjoy.

See you next Monday.

JJ Over and Out

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