Icy Joe Pages 22 and 23

Hello and Welcome Back.

Day trips to the coast (in Wales and England) have lent this week a very pleasant air indeed. One of the trips even involved some cycling, which could be excellent news in one way - Anything that keeps the Dubblejay motor running a little more efficiently is more than welcome in my books.

We've reached a lovely moment in Icy Joe, too, what with Diego narrowly avoiding an attack of 'laboured breathing' turning into something nastier and longer lasting, thanks to Isaac's quick thinking. Of course, this all may or may not be real, depending on how you take the events of page 12. But it's heartwarming nonetheless. At least, I hope it is. That's certainly how I wanted to make myself feel when I was drawing the pictures for this spread. Perhaps you feel the same way. I'd love to hear from you either way after you've 'read' the pages.

Here they are.

See you next Monday.

Over and Out

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