Icy Joe Pages 26 and 27

Hello and Welcome Back.

Amid the trials and tribulations of a hectic work week, I have somehow managed (just about) to get this week's posts - comics, books and press - out on time. In one way, this should give me leave to celebrate and so I am (just about). But in another, I'm always dubious as to the merits of what I'm producing. So much so that immediately following each posting I'm wracked by fairly intense thoughts along the lines of, 'It's all rubbish' and other equally insightful appraisals. I manage, though, to get back on track (just about) by resolving to do better next time - even though I usually haven't the slightest notion of how to do that. This must be what writers, artists and other creators mean when they talk about needing stamina to stay in this line of work (just about). I should celebrate this too. And I will. Just as soon as this post is up and I've got past the 'What drivel!' stage.

This week's pages show the story's climax, with only the wind-down to follow. After that, I'll be putting the PDF on sale in the shop - more about the details of that in two weeks' time. I was quite pleased with the effect of the full colour page and how I managed to figure out how to do it. I do have to say, though, that the letters filling the page to represent an overwhelming sound were very much based on an idea that Walt Simonson used in the Marvel Super Special adaptation of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Cheers, Walt.

Other than that, I hope these pages speak for themselves.

See you next Monday.

Over and Out

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