Icy Joe Pages 16 and 17

Hello and Welcome Back.

I do hope your week has been as refreshing and as productive as mine. No, sorry. That's not right at all. In fact, it's more along the lines of downright, bare-faced lying. That sentence should have read - 'I do hope your week has been refreshing and productive.' It seemed like a good idea to start on a high note. After all, I don't want to put you off. You might not come back. See, I'm doing it again. Lying, I mean. I know you're going to come back. How could you not? There's a tiger in the story now.

Designing the King of Cats took a day. When I've finished uploading the book, I'll show you some of the preliminary drawings I did (probably through the email newsletter I'm planning). The actual design took about an hour and a half. I spent the rest of the day leading up to it drawing an actual tiger's portrait ( which I'm hoping to make a lino cut print of some day). I don't know what it is about tigers that lights my candle, but I'm sure I'm not alone. Aren't they magnificent?

Still, onto this week's pages before I get too carried away.

people to see  Who's this? Isaac Jones, your Majesty.

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See you next Monday.

Over and Out.

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